segunda-feira, 19 de março de 2012

That fire, that burns you inside? Do you know that fire? That feeling inside you, that eagerness to feel that person's body glued onto yours. When you look at someone and the only thing that you want to do is have them close. Is to give in. To let go of restraints. The feeling that there's no space between you. That whatever is taking place at that specific moment is real. When someone's eyes tell you everything you have to know without opening your mouth.
What I surpress. The drive you feel running through your veins. The stupid cliché smile you cannot rub off your face when you wake up. The constant desire that your eyes will meet. Sharing visions and dreams and ambitions and fantasies. Feeling something comes across without the need for you to justify yourself. Being for the sake being. Looking in the same direction. Reaching the peek of desire for another person, for another person as a whole. Body, mind and soul. Having the certainty and the doubt, all mixed together in one feeling alone. Loving so much that you fear to lose even though the fear kind of gives you something to wish for, to cherish. What about that?

Will I ever?

Will I always associate love with failure, with rejection, with giving in? Will that be, in 20 years time, the only memory I have of it? Will I be too dried up inside to even cry?

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